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ODL and TEL training for Ghanaian educators

workshop participants engaged in interactive sessions

With support from COL, Tamale College of Education in Ghana organised a three-day workshop on open and distance learning (ODL) and technology-enabled learning (TEL) in May 2023. This provided a platform to raise awareness and share insights into the institution’s need to implement ODL effectively. The workshop offered a general introduction to ODL and TEL, practical teaching and assessment strategies using ODL, online communication and collaboration tools, as well as the role of open educational resources. The 40 participants also engaged in interactive sessions, hands-on activities and discussions on ODL implementation.

COL is working with various teacher education institutions to develop institutional policies and strategies for implementing ODL and TEL for both pre-service and in-service programmes. Through such collaborations, partner institutions can better harness the full potential of ODL methodologies to address the challenge of teacher shortfall and improve the quality of teachers trained.


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