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TVET toolkit for the Pacific

Trainer presenting to participants

COL is supporting technical and vocational education and training  practitioners for nine Commonwealth countries in the Pacific to continuously acquire professional development skills via the online Pacific TVET Professional Development Toolkit for youth employment. Five partner institutions are implementing continuous  professional development (CPD) projects using the toolkit.

In Fiji, Pacific Polytech trainers are applying it to develop descriptors  for 13 micro-courses related to construction. Lecturers at the  University of Samoa are using toolkit resources to build a distance  learners’ course manual on how to grow and maintain plants in  containers from seeds. Staff at the Ituani Vocational Skills Centre in Vanuatu used the toolkit to implement a project to enhance trainers’ knowledge and skills. The toolkit activities include competency-based  assessment, designing and developing open educational resources, providing skills training using blended learning approaches, building and strengthening relationships with industries and promoting TVET  as a pathway for all learners.


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