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Unleashing the power of open schooling in Botswana

Botswana Open University’s College of Open Schooling teachers and students pose for a group photograph

Over the past three years, COL’s Open Schooling portfolio has  supported Botswana Open University’s College of Open Schooling  with its digital migration process.

To ensure out-of-school youths know what opportunities they can  access, how to do so and the potential benefits, COL supported an  outreach initiative in the Kang Region last year under the banner  Empowering Business Studies and Mathematics through OER and Open Courses. After receiving requests from other regions in Botswana, COL conducted another series of outreaches, accessed by 480 new or potential students and 120 teachers. The initiative has equipped  teachers with the latest pedagogical strategies, teaching methodologies and curriculum alignment techniques, enabling them to deliver high quality instruction and remain current with their students’ evolving needs. As Botswana continues to embrace OER and open courses, the future of education is bright, with empowered teachers and inspired  learners at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence.


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