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Skills for better livelihoods in the Pacific

screenshot of online training for soap making

COL has developed a comprehensive skills-building training programme that is now widely offered throughout Fiji’s Western, Northern and Central divisions. The training is focused on young women, providing access to alternative learning opportunities to help improve their livelihoods. Using the blended learning approach, additional youths were able to participate across the country. More than 300 youths attended training in skills development areas such as soapmaking, business management, oil infusion, organic farm management and food processing. The programme taught youths not to rely on only one income source, but to grow and diversify their skills. This valuable training equipped them with new skills and opened doors to potential income opportunities and small business start-ups.

Losena Nasarau, one of the attendees from Fiji, said, “After the training, I have been able to learn the properties of soap ingredients and the recipe to make soap. I cannot wait to start my own business selling soap.”


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