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Teachers gained from learning about AI applications

Akeem CyrusCOL’s six-week self-paced course  Introduction to AI is designed to  introduce and explain many of  the key concepts of AI and show  learners how the tools are being  used now and potentially in the  future. The course offering includes  an AI-driven helpdesk to assist  learners with troubleshooting while  navigating Moodle, the learning  management system used for the  course.

Information technology teacher Akeem Cyrus of Grenada has been  interested in AI for over five years, having experienced a taste of it in  China in 2017. Mr Cyrus has long searched for something self-paced and  affordable and was curious when he saw the course flyer. He described  the course as useful and discovered applications for AI in both of his  professions: teaching and farming.

Since taking the course, he has seen numerous opportunities to integrate  AI into his teaching, his students’ assignments and his farming. Akeem  said he would also love to use AI to monitor his land, particularly when  he cannot get on the ground daily. “The course opened my eyes to a few  things that I never thought AI was a  part of.”

Ms Vicky AglaeFellow learner and Science and Maths  teacher in Seychelles, Vicky Aglae,  found the course gave her more  insight into how people can work  with various types of AI.

She sees an opportunity to use AI to  supplement her students’ learning,  making the courses as entertaining  and interesting as possible to keep  her students engaged.


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