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New Focal Point

Mr Timothy Ssejjoba
Ministry of Education and Sport



Mr Vilitati Togavou
Ministry of Education,
Heritage and Arts

New COL Chairs

COL is pleased to announce the appointment of six new Chairs for the period 2023 to 2026:

  • Professor Shironica P. Karunanayaka
    The Open University of Sri Lanka
  • Dr Mark Nichols
    Te Pūkenga – New Zealand
    Institute of Skills and Technology
  • Professor John Traxler
    University of Wolverhampton,
    United Kingdom
  • Professor Geesje van den Berg
    University of South Africa
  • Professor Denise Whitelock
    The Open University, United Kingdom
  • Professor Michalinos Zembylas
    Open University of Cyprus

Chairs were selected from numerous applications received from various open and distance learning (ODL) experts in the Commonwealth. The COL Chair programme is designed to (i) facilitate the development of effective ODL and technology-enhanced education and training through advocacy, research and capacity building across the Commonwealth; (ii) strengthen regional co-operation; and (iii) provide visibility for COL in the field. COL Chairs are honorary positions hosted by universities within the Commonwealth.



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